Day On switches on: Ask for help. Offer advice.

Switchboard by therogue.

Switchboard by therogue.

From the start, Day On’s mission has been to help people doing good connect with experts to get guidance. Today, 4 years after the first Day On in Portland, OR, we are excited to offer a new, easy way for people to ask for and offer help, any time, anywhere.

Thanks to a collaboration with the Portland startup Switchboard, Day On is launching an online meeting ground where nonprofiteers and others working for good can ask for free advice, guidance and help from practitioners and geeks with expertise in topics like computers, technology, digital and social media, the web, the internet, and more.

Switchboard is simple: post an ASK for or OFFER of help.

Share your post easily out to social media to amplify its reach. Day On will work to help connect the right people to move you forward to useful answers and guidance for your ask, or interested parties for your offer. Discuss your ask or offer online in Switchboard to bring others into the conversation, connect for solutions, and leave a record to inform people that are dealing with similar issues and questions.

Tune in to the Day On switchboard itself and our social media channels to get involved in this conversation of mutual assistance and make your own asks and offers. Your post may be the link that brings the right ingredients together to make something good happen!

Day On is especially grateful for the contributions from the Switchboard team, especially founders Mara Zepeda and Sean Lerner that are making this new service possible. If you’re looking to build a “switchboard” to connect your community, we highly recommend Switchboard and the dedicated folks that give it power. They are doing great things now and have more to come!


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